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Konfidicialumo politika


1. Introduction

  • The policy of confidentiality is aimed at presenting you information on processing of personal data, purposes and spheres of the application, as well as on the protection of your rights;
  • We esteem your confidentiality and take care of the compliance of processing your personal data with the requirements of regulatory enactments;
  • Personal data – any information relating to a physical person identified or being identified.

2. Manager of the Personal Data

SIA «RF serviss», unified registration number 40103171074, with the registered office and physical address at: Lienes street, 18а-39/42, Riga, LV-1009.

3. Objectives and Legal Basis of Processing Personal Data

3.1 SIA “RF serviss” may process personal data for the following purposes:

  • Drawing up and conclusion of a contract;
  • For orders;
  • Identification of a client;
  • Clients’ service;
  • Provision of services;
  • Improvement of the quality of services;
  • Development of new services;
  • To consider services, claims, complaints, proposals, petitions, other applications;
  • Interfacing;
  • Administering of calculations;
  • Recovery of debts;
  • Analysis and maintenance of statistics;
  • Market research objectives;
  • Promotion of new services and products;
  • News announcement;
  • For other purposes, provide the client has been informed of it.

3.2. Legal basis for processing personal data:

  • Requirements of regulatory enactments;
  • Contractual relationship;
  • In separate cases with your consent;
  • For the purpose of observance of the basic rights and freedoms of the subject of the data,  to put into effect the legal interests of the manager or a third person, whereto the personal data have been disclosed.

4. Transfer of Personal Data

  • To comply with our legal obligations, we may transfer your personal data to the law-enforcement authorities, as well as to the state and local authorities in cases provided for by law;
  • We may transfer your personal data to the state and local authorities, as well as to providers of the services on debt collection aimed at the protection of our legitimate interests;
  • To provide the services with due quality and to serve efficiently our clients in some cases we transfer your personal data to outsourcing companies (for example, banks and other payment system services, extrajudicial debt collectors, financial and tax audit agencies, etc.). These companies may process your personal data only in accordance with the manager’s instructions and the data must not be used for other purposes. These companies are obliged to adhere to the relevant personal data protection level in accordance with the law and our agreement on cooperation.

5. Protection of Personal Data

  • SIA “RF serviss” ensures, checks on a continuous basis and enhances the protection measures and applies advanced technologies aimed at the protection of the personal data of own personnel and clients;
  • SIA “RF serviss” provides the physical and logical protection of your data so that your data would be duly protected at every stage of data processing. The degree of security of your personal data is always provided at a high level.

6. Period of Storage of Personal Data

  • Your data will be processed until the contract is in force and until the term of requirements arisen hereunder is valid;
  • While the parties can realize their legitimate interests; 
  • In accordance with the requirements of regulatory enactments;
  • While a client’s consent to process the personal data is in force.

7. Your Rights

7.1. You are entitled:

  • To learn whether we process your personal data;
  • In case of processing your personal data, you enjoy the right of access to the appropriate information;
  • If information about you is wrong or incomplete, you are entitled to provide us with the latest information and to request us make corrections;
  • To revoke the consent;
  • In some cases you are entitled to object to processing your data, to ask the limitation of processing the data, to request deletion of the data. We inform that these rights are enforceable pursuant to the requirements of the law, and we reserve the right to refuse from taking the foregoing actions on the basis of the requirements of regulatory enactments;
  • To receive and/or transfer personal data to any other manager. This applied to the data only, which you provided us base upon your consent or agreement.
7.2. You can exercise your right only on the basis of a written application (including signed with a secure electronic signature). We shall reply within the periods set by law.
7.3. We process your application pursuant to the requirements of regulatory enactments. If you have not arrived at a decision, you are entitled to apply to the State Data Inspectorate.

8. Communication on Processing the Personal Data

If you have questions in respect to processing of the personal data, do not hesitate to contact us. E-mail for communication - info@rfserviss.lv, phone number- 00371-29829421.


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