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We provide office printing devices repair, sale and rent (printers, scanners, copiers) and everything that is connected with it.
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GDPR/Personal Data Protection

On 25 May 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation(GENERAL Data Protection Regulation) became directly applicable. 
The regulation sets out the objectives of each individual's data processing, as well as the use of technological solutions for the processing of personal data, and the regulationis binding on all organisations (such as private and public) thatcarry out the processing of personal data in the European Union.The regulation applies to personal data of both customers and employees.

Regulatory enactments:

Services are provided by Certified Personal Data Protection Specialists.

Our services:

Data Processing Audit

IT Systems Audit


Documentation development


Introduction/compliance of new services


Development/maintenance of a data register


Training of employees


The provision of consultations


Provision of external service