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Compatibility with printers:
Compatibility with cartridges:
Cartridge HP CB435A also has Canon CRG-712 (1870B002) . These are identical cartridges, but they have different labels from different manufacturers.


Cartridge code:CB435A chip
Resource:1500 copies
Chip availability:Yes
Service Quant. Price VAT
Payment for refilling:15.00 €
Price of refilling with chip replacement:17.00 €
Price of renovation:20.00 €
Price of renovation with chip replacement:22.00 €
Price RF™:24.00 €
Price of Econom pack
RF™(2 шт.):
43.00 €
Price of RF™ Premium:30.00 €
Price of new one:74.00 €
Please, bring us an empty cartridge and get a discount at the rate of 10% buying a new cartridge RF™
Refilling includes:
  • cleaning of all cartridge parts;
  • polish (washing) of drums, blades, rollers;
  • toner refilling;
  • removal of permanent electrostatic charges;
  • Chip replacement (upon customer’s request).
Renovation includes:
  • replacement of drums, blades and rollers;
  • cleaning of all cartridge details;
  • removal of permanent charges;
  • refilling;
  • Chip replacement (upon customer’s request).

All production is packaged into opaque hermetic packs and into trade-marked boxes

Warranty obligations
Transport costs for product delivery are not included in the service payment.
ATTENTION! When using analog cartridges, seller is not responsible for the buyer 's printing device. The use of analog cartridges violates the warranty conditions of the manufacturer of any printing equipment. The printing device shall be removed from the warranty if using analog cartridges during warranty period.